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Every year thousands of hectares of farm land in Assam is destroyed by ravaging flood. This scientific breakthrough could change the entire flood story. Amarjyoti Borah reports from the ground.


Why are journalists suddenly losing jobs in India’s growing print sector?

Javed and kim 2

Studying prehistory of the valley and its importance in the early development of agriculture


Aanchal Malhotra speaking to a group of students on her just released book The Remnants of a Separation


As we are increasingly living out of our backpacks, Ourstories remembers the time when backpacks were about journeys rather than the destination

A picturesque spot to camp. Credit Ronald Shalo

The story of a scooter nomad who travels across the country with a mission to spread smiles.



Probably not, given the apathy towards containing erosion and a dangerous contractor mafia that won’t gain from a permanent solution.


A grubby looking factory, with ageing workers and not a young person in sight. Hardly evidence of a once thriving industry in Kashmir. A photo essay by Sagar Kaul.


Will floods only be a routine call, routine reporting, routine news and of course routine death?


Busting the 10,000 crore Mid-Day Meal Scheme is Govind Bhattacharjee a civil servant and an author. His most recent book is Special Category States of India (OUP 2016).


Marking out a region nebulously called “the Northeast”, governments have actually contributed however unwittingly to feelings of separatism, alienation and rejection argues Dr. Ananya Guha.


A photo essay on Manas Tiger Reserve by Govind Bhattacharjee


In the filth and stench of the dead Yamuna, glimpses of its legendary past


Disruptive political artist from Bangladesh, Shahidul Alam on his river journey, across the millennium, across three nations, through Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam.

Food Province

  Sneha Lata Saikia, Food Researcher ...

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