Rickshaw Ride from Shillong to Kochi

Rickshaw Ride from Shillong to Kochi   August 30th, 2015 Matthew Dickens, International Events Manager, The League of Adventurists International August 5th, 2015 Two hundred and twenty five international participants of the Rickshaw Run on an epic journey. “It's a bloody hell of a long way, and the potholed roads are fraught with danger. We'd [...]

Should India Ban Head Scarves?

Should India Ban Head Scarves?   August 25, 2015 Govind Bhattacharjee, Columnist Clash between religion and a secular society has been pretty commonplace all over the world. A secular state does not promote the cause of religion nor allows ecclesiastical authorities to exercise public authority. While a secular state does not wish the demise of [...]

Love, passion, drama: The story of Ranga Shankara

A love story which infused Bangalore’s theatre scene with new energy When Arundhati Nag looked for funding through the 90s, to start a theatrical space in Bengaluru, whichever funder she went to, couldn’t understand why she wanted to build a theatre, when everyone was building shopping complexes, pubs and malls. But had they paused to […]

Lakhan Teron: Saving the Wild

Azam Siddiqui, Videographer and Animal Activist Lakhan Teron, 49, is a grassroot naturalist who hails from the Chakradeo village which lies sandwiched between the only Ramsar site wetland of Assam – Deepor Beel on and a fast vanishing critically forest range called Rani Garbhanga. Teron who has no formal knowledge of ecology is the most […]


  Parasher Baruah, Cinematographer  

Freedom of Speech India @ 69

Freedom of Speech India @ 69

The Loom

The Loom   August 15, 2015 Nandinee Kalita, Director Northeast, Confederation of Indian Industry Santina left her village in Lower Assam in 2006. She had lived with fear, hunger and in poverty. But as she was growing up watching her mother weaving on the loom, Santina knew one thing; she too would weave one day. [...]

The ATM Guard With a Dictionary

The ATM Guard With a Dictionary   August 7, 2015 Tisha Srivastav, Journalist Tisha Srivastav walks into an ATM in Bengaluru absentmindedly and has an unlikely encounter. For a city which has been in the news for cases of alleged theft and molestation at an ATM, read on for a more pleasant discovery.   One [...]

Stapled Visa and a Selfie

  The rights and aspirations of the people of the state need consideration too as India and China embark on path to further strengthen their economic ties. Many Arunachalees would love to take a tour of the Terracotta Warriors Museum and perhaps click a selfie or two!   Whenever a high profile guest comes from […]

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