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Portrait of the idealist as a post-quake volunteer

 Portrait of the idealist as a post-quake volunteer September 30, 2015 Archana Tamang Lama introduces a multi-faceted Nepali, whom she herself bumped into, during the Nepal relief and rescue effort. His insights offer a wider introspection to organizing aid and response, both local and global. Kamal Bhatta is a filmmaker, actor, writer and a social [...]

Can traditional Kashmiri rifle-makers ‘Make in India’ again?

A photo-feature on the traditional bandooksmiths of Srinagar, Kashmir by Sagar Kaul. Factory with an expiry date: A grubby looking factory, with ageing workers and not a young person in sight. Hardly evidence of a once thriving industry in Kashmir right? But over 20 rifle makers made hunting rifles in pre-Independence India, right up until […]

The united colours of imagined communities

    Through song and colour, Maitreyee B Chowdhury evokes the shifting sands betweenmultiple identities and identity crises. An exploration made real, as voluntary and involuntary migration are both on the rise in India and in many parts of the world.   It was late evening in Bangalore. A ten year old young boy picks […]

Manipuri Gorkha: Why Are We Outsiders?

A Manipurilays claim to both his Manipuri and Gorkha identity, showing us how simple and complicated that can be. As one of Manipur’s ongoing flashpoints, lessons from history beg the question – are Gorkhas valorised in wars and dismissed in peace? Dinesh Sharma, Founder Member, GYASA I am a fourth generation Gorkha settled in Manipur, […]

The Hungry Tide: Assam’s Cycle of Death, Devastation and Debt

The Hungry Tide: Assam's Cycle of Death, Devastation and Debt   September 8th, 2015 Pictures from Subhamoy Bhattacharjee Every year the river washes away lives, land, and property. Poorly maintained embankments are breached and flood water consumes whatever comes in its way. It may be an annual feature but for the millions who lose virtually [...]