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Stop, look, go – A Metro Art Project in Bangalore

Stop, look, go – A Metro Art Project in Bangalore Art in Transit, a public art initiative of Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology in Bangalore, started off in July 2014, activating public spaces through multi-disciplinary interventions by students. This included artworks at the recently opened Peenya Metro station at Bangalore. One of the [...]

Don’t call me Supermom!

  August 7th, 2015 Purba Ray, Columnist Real women grumble and groan of being over-worked as they serve breakfast dressed in sacks also known as nighties.   I recently got anointed with the ‘Cool Mom’ tag. That’s when I realized I don’t behave like an archetypical mother in her 40’s. If all kids are meant […]

Fake Fathers of Mashaldanga

    August 15, 2015 Sudeep Mukhia, Journalist.dpuf School boys inside the (erstwhile) Mashaldanga enclave. They had to have “Indian” fathers to be able to go to schools, which were in Indian territories.   Anu Ara Bibi has four children, three daughters and a son. The eldest goes to college, the others to school. The […]

Freedom of Speech India @ 69

Freedom of Speech India @ 69

“Dump your rubbish in England”: The ‘Us’ and ‘Them’ from Shillong to Wales

    August 25, 2015 Dr. Daisy Hasan, India Media Centre, University of Westminster Photo Courtesy Adil Hasan   The word ‘discrimination’ always evokes unpleasant personal memories. A child of immigrant (North Indian) parents, growing up in the fraught political environment of 1980s Shillong, I was hyper sensitive to the exclusions my identity provoked among […]

Arunachal “Cut-Off” by Floods

  Karsingsa-by JomnyaAado Hanging Bridge at loklung  

Life on a Wire: India Shamed

  Samarendra Raut, Journalist In Gunjibadi village under Raikia block of Kandhamal district in Odisha life is forever a tight-rope walk.   Even during monsoon they depend on this tight-rope transport to cross the Khadga river, a tributary of the Mahanadi. There is a jungle road that could take anywhere between 3 to 4 hours […]

Discrimination: The Dark And Ugly Side Of India

    August 7th, 2015 Satyabrata Pal, Former Member, National Human Rights Commission Across the board, it seems to be the astonishing view of the State and its institutions that racial and caste prejudice is a safety- valve, which they dare not turn off.   There is a famous story in the UN about the […]

When India put the Indian – Chinese into a POW camp in Rajasthan

  Kishalay Bhattacharjee with inputs from Rafeeq Ellias The Indian government never gave a reason but sources indicate that these people were perceived as a threat to national security, following India’s humiliating defeat to China in the 1962 war. India has never expressed regret or made the official documents public. So this shameful history remains […]

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