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Boon Bay – My Good Little Bay

Boon Bay - My Good Little Bay By Abhilasha Trivedi Abhilasha Trivedi who moved to Mumbai fifteen years ago, from a small town, paints her version of the city’s vibe and its enduring charm. Bambai, is how I knew Bombay while growing up in a small town far away. The picture that my mind painted [...]

Chai pe climate charcha – Why Assam is worried & India should be

  Chai pe climate charcha – Why Assam is worried & India should be Amarjyoti Borah speaks to scientists, large and small tea growers in Assam to bring us up to date on the many troubles brewing in your much loved cup of Assam tea.   Assam tea, loved worldwide, for its strong, bright malty [...]

Delhi & Bangalore – A lived tale of two cities

  Delhi & Bangalore – A lived tale of two cities   Tisha Srivastava, a long time Delhite, is a Bangalore based freelance journalist. Her lived experience of minute and massive differences add up to tell a tale of two cities. The first time I heard Come off in Bangalore, my reaction was eh, what has come off? Until [...]

From Confusion to Clarity

  Asking Myself: What Are Your Needs? Vani Murarka, a software professional runs an online library, cohosts a Hindi poetry site and shares an intimate questioning process in an introspective series. This is part one. Befuddled. We get into this state of mind at times, do we not? I sure do. Clarity can feel like […]

Immortality is My Name

  Govind Bhattacharjee I am your root, vija, your past glory and present embarrassment. I defined and united your world and your time. I myself am beyond time. I convey who you are, something you yourself have forgotten. I am your marker to history, but not only that. I am also a living testimony to […]

Kill the man, he ate that cow?

      Ayushi Singhal takes a legal look at cow slaughter and beef ban, taking off from the Constitutional Assembly Debates and Indian judgments. For the uninitiated, the banning of cow-slaughter is indeed a Directive Principle of State Policy in our Constitution. Thereby giving freedom to the legislature to ban the same as long […]

Makhane Ki Kheer

  Chhat is Bihar’s 4 day festival to worship Sun and Makhana is believed to be an auspicious ingredient in offerings during the festivals . This delicacy is actually a Prasad . This dish has been originated from Mithila region. Ingredients Makhana ( Puffed Lotus seeds) – 2 cups Pure Ghee – 3 tbsp Milk- […]

Vipul Rikhi

Stumbling through endless cycles of being, Vipul has been a teacher, scriptwriter, editor, novelist, poet, translator and singer. Currently, to grapple with the ache of becoming, Vipul translates poems of Kabir and other Bhakti, Sufi and Baul poets as part of his work with the Kabir Project, and also sings/performs these poems in the folk […]

There was once a village

There was once a village   Erosion in Assam has a relentless history, almost as relentless as the state government’s apathy in finding real solutions. Amarjyoti Borah’s ground report. This year too, hundreds of people have been added to the list of erosion affected in the state. Morigaon district has been particularly badly hit. The [...]

The man who sang with half his lung power

The man who sang with half his lung power In what is open biopic season in Hindi cinema, Tisha Srivastav recommends a serious look at Kumar Gandharva – his life story has all the ingredients of a great comeback film. Paan Singh Tomar, Milkha Singh, Dashrath Manjhi and then the Dhoni biopic. Evidence that Hindi [...]
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