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The nude, for me, is just a vessel

  Karachi-based visual artist Numair A. Abbasi speaks about his new exhibition to Chintan Girish Modi. A powerful series of male nudes, which hopes to generate conversation about the many ways of being male. In fact most of the artists who I closely follow are feminists – Shirin Neshat, Mona Hatoum, Marina Abramovic, Seema Nusrat, […]

Earthquake Survivors: Nepal Fights Back

  August 2nd, 2015 Archana Tamang, International Consultant Human Rights and Equality. Photographs by Manish Malla These are trying times but we are all Earthquake Survivors. It is time for Building Back Better- not only our national infrastructure but also our very intricately woven social fabric. Twenty Fifth of April 2015. That was the day […]

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