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The Northeast is telling its own stories – is India listening?

Tisha Srivastav interviews Rita Banerji, award winning Indian wildlife filmmaker and founder member of a new Northeastern initiative called the Green Hub. (Green Hub Video from September 2015 shows how a herd of elephants enter Tezpur town, the authorities and people move fast in ensuring their safety, cutting electricity to avoid electrocution. By evening, ensuring […]

The women of rural Jharkhand& monetary decision-making

  In love with rural India, Akansha Yadav is a Bangalore based welfare policy analyst who writes here of a meeting. One where women manage the money. Revenue & planning meetings, scoping, loan requirements, financial analysis, board room conferences, monthly/quarterly reviews – these are terms you would generally hear in the corporate world, right? Our […]

Year Ender

Causes and Effects of Migration in India’s Northeast

  Pradip Phanjoubam, Editor, Imphal Free Press In the democratised world, immigrants no longer are willing to indigenise, setting them apart from the populations of the host regions.   The question is not an easy one by any standard. Just how is the issue of immigration, economic, political or otherwise, expected to be tackled by […]


Vidrohi Maitreyee Chowdhury            Jab kavi gata hai           Tab bhi kavita hoti hai           Aur jab kavi rota hai          Tab bhi kavita hoti hai          Karm hai kavita          Jise main karta [...]

The loneliness of the connected?

    Purba Ray reflects in this first person piece – have we have become more connected or disconnected, or both? I’m not a phone person. Don’t get me wrong. I’m mostly surgically attached to my phone, giving fodder to the husband for his countless number of jokes entirely at my expense. I use it […]

Myanmar-Is Change Possible

Myanmar-Is Change Possible

The Longest Night: 26/11

  The Longest Night: 26/11   Photographer Ritesh Uttamchandani revisits the Mumbai terror attacks of 2008. By Chintan Girish Modi Ritesh Uttamchandani is a Mumbai-based photographer, who is curating a moving series of photo stories on Instagram using the hash tag #thelongestnight to commemorate the seventh anniversary of the terror attacks that jolted Mumbai on [...]