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Black Rice Pudding

  This Pudding has no added colour or any other agent for colouring . Black Rice or Chak Hao in Manipuri language, has deep balck colour and usually turn deep purple when cooked.  It is believed that Chak hao came with the people of Manipur particularly Meitis , when they first settled on this land […]

Increasing Clarity Increasing Joy

  Vani Murarka   What Are My Needs? Once upon a time (that is, in this previous article) I asked myself in a notebook: “What are your needs?” This is the answer that flowed out spontaneously. a comfortable pleasing place to live good food to eat decent clothes to wear conveyance health enthusiasm a sense […]

Writing on the Wall

  Akansha Yadav is a Bangalore based welfare policy analyst. Here she narrates her experience of witnessing how knowledge can act as a powerful catalyst of change and beneficiary empowerment as she goes door to door with her team painting informationon their walls. Akansha Yadav   Mambapur village in Rangareddy district of Telengana State. One is greeted by […]

Great Indian graphic reads, while on the move

  Tisha Srivastav Comics and graphic novels often combine the best of novel storytelling with a cinematic touch. Making it a great combo to include both who like reading or those who like movies. These can also be lighter, but fulfilling reads in the many windows of time, which travelling presents in our day to […]

2015: A woman’s Top 10 @ Our Stories

  A year which started with citizens in the Netherlands suing their government over climate change to the year ending with ordinary citizens’ coordinating relief effort spontaneously during the Chennai floods. In a century when people are beginning to assert their power and potential, we are moving the journalistic goalpost to multiple narratives. Starting post […]

A rose in bloom at the Delhi-Gurgaon border

  The truth of Digital India will probably be most tested in its last mile connectivity. Kandala Singh, an independent researcher profiles Amit Kataria, who is both from this forgotten grey area and has addressed this need for computing skills. Twenty nine year old Amit Kataria’s parents say that their best hope for him was […]

Brewing Change, One Chai At A Time

  Sadia Khatri fills us in on Girls At Dhabas, a brave new feminist project in Karachi. By Chintan Girish Modi My fondest memories of Pakistan are of sipping chai on street corners and sidewalks with friends newly made. On each occasion though, I remember feeling like that was a guilty pleasure because I did […]

Majuli Part II


The Game Of Politics

“The Game Of Politics” Ananya S Guha. Regional Director IGNOU Poet and Writer   The ending of the last year in India has not exactly been propitious. Apart from Elections in Bihar which seemed a major focus of political parties issues got tangled with politics. But that is India, politics is evinced everywhere from the […]

INDIA 2015 – 5 themes which came alive

  Theme 1: How nature is changing & human preparedness? With the earthquake in Nepal in the early part of the year, the drought and floods across India’s regions in the middle, many international extreme weather headlines, the volunteering spirit in the November-December rains in Chennai and the COP21 Agreement in Paris, potential climate change […]