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In Search of a designer baby

Does a woman have choice to have a disabled child asks Shampa Sengupta, a disability & gender rights activist and executive committee member, National Platform for the Rights of the Disabled (NPRD)? Eighteen years ago,on a cold & rainy February morning, I gave birth to a girl under the Caesarean section. I remember coming out […]

Mid-Day Reckoning

Busting the 10,000 crore Mid-Day Meal Scheme is Govind Bhattacharjee a civil servant and an author. His most recent book is Special Category States of India (OUP 2016). Govind Bhattacharjee Instituting systems that are designed to fail or falter and then adapting to such dysfunctional systems have been the specialty of the Indian state for long.This […]

Unrest in Indian University Campuses

  Ananya Guha If the teachers and heads of institutions openly, and shamelessly flout their political allegiances, why blame the students only asks Dr. Ananya Guha, Regional Director, IGNOU ? There is a crisis in one of the country’s leading universities. People are talking about it, writing about it and of course reading about it. […]

Where Sedition is not a Crime

Is AFSPA India’s only response to the so often ‘seditious’ northeastern states asks Anuraag Baruah, an independent journalist? Anuraag Baruah When the happenings in JNU find an echo in a voice from the Northeast. Many villages after villages and the people living in them in the Northeastern part of India are, I guess seditious. Of […]

Must-do, can-do, will do?

Sanskrit, as a document prepared by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) says, is not just a language, but the voice of India’s soul and wisdom – the link between India’s past and present. MHRD has prepared an ambitious ten year perspective plan indicating its vision and roadmap for the development of Sanskrit language. […]