Alienation, Dissent and Bharat Mata in India’s Northeast

Marking out a region nebulously called “the Northeast”, governments have actually contributed however unwittingly to feelings of separatism, alienation and rejection argues Dr. Ananya Guha.  Dr. Ananya Guha The fifteen-year fast by Irom Sharmila in Manipur is largely going unnoticed, excepting some sporadic media attention. But, that may not be the point; the point rivets […]

A Young India

  An academician Ananya Guha reads into the goings on at Allahabad University. Dr.Ananya Guha The very fact that the President of the Student’s Union outvoted her male counterpart and, that he is at the forefront of making false allegations against her and her admission, supported by some allegedly rabid authorities, is an example of vicious […]

When the colours go to war

  Rini Barman, A sharp look at the growing visibility of saffron everywhere – from zebra crossings in Western India to elections in the east. A thought provoking essay by Rini Barman.   Colour, colour, which colour do you choose? How many of you remember this catchy line from a silly paper game we would […]

Rise of the Student

  After JNU the ABVP targets Allahabad University and its first ever elected woman president of the students union. Kandala Singh Na to dhan hai, na to bal hai, phir bhi apni jeet atal hai. (We don’t have money, nor muscle power. Still, victory will surely be ours.) Kandala Singh meets up with Richa Singh , […]

Unholy Alliance

  Anuraag Baruah Alliance between a perceived communal party and one with corruption and human right abuse charges with the same voter base may not be the best winning combination in the forthcoming Assam election observes Anuraag Baruah.  Why the BJP-AGP alliance might be a bad idea   Ending months of speculation, the infamous BJP-AGP […]