Taking the Leap, is Udta Punjab

This is the leap (of faith and intellect) that Udta Punjab asks its viewers to take. The Tommy-that-was or the Hockey-Girl-Who-Could-Have-Been are not secrets revealed to us via the familiar Bollywood trope of The Flashback. We’re pulled into feeling all this through the sheer power of storytelling says Pooja Pande.   There was once a […]

Inconvenient Truths

“Invest Rs.500 now and save Rs.50, 000 later” are advertisements still seen in Indian cities for gender biased sex-selection and elimination. Writer, Patralekha Chatterjee catches up with Mitu Khurana who had made legal history by prosecuting her doctor husband for illegally making her go through a sex-determination test but her fight is far from over. […]

Why do public spaces in India remain unsafe for women?

“Akeli ladki khuli tijori ki tarah kyun hoti hai” Writer-actor AnujaJaiman recounts instances from her own life of facing and fighting gender discrimination in public places that is horrifying more often than not   It is disgusting to be a woman in India. We have a cultural climate of misogynism. It occurs as odd that […]

The Disappearing Girl Child in India

India’s discrimination against the girl child might get worse before it gets better argues Manika Premsingh After birthing one daughter, Renu decided to get a sex-determination test done when she was pregnant the second time. Despite the fact that sex determination tests are illegal in India, she went ahead with one and on discovering that […]

Reviving Aalemanes: The Jaggery industry of Mandya

Mandya district in Karnataka has been in the news for being a current hotbed of farmer suicides. Kavitha Kuruganti writes about how the jaggery units, along with consumers and the government, can help lead a revival which addresses the farm crisis on the ground.   Most farmers who killed themselves in Karnataka are from Mandya […]

Poetry of the Body as Words

Poet and writer Nabina Das reads Ra Sh’s debut poetry book “Architecture of Flesh” as a marker of injustices as well as an elegant erotic study. Nabina Das Reading through this debut collection of poetry one is compelled first to pause to weigh the words in the title. What is architecture here? What is flesh? […]