From schools in Ludhiana, to Delhi, Author and journalist Amrita Tripathi finds out whether and how deeply children themselves internalise biases and prejudices, how they actualise stereotypes as learned behavior, imitating what they see, as they grow up.   There’s no question that in India, discrimination against the girl child in many cases, starts before […]

Crime Against Women: Assam’s Notorious Record

In the wake of rising crime against women in Assam, Anuraag Baruah takes a hard look at what went wrong in a state where once women enjoyed safe public places.   Kunjarani Kalita from Guwahati’s Noonmati has been fighting a lone battle. Her 22 year old daughter was allegedly gang-raped and murdered, the body dumped […]

Manjori Borkotoky

A non stop talker… Manjori was a news reporter, producer, prime time anchor. She got bored of television journalism and can now be heard babbling in the morning show on Radio Mirchi, Guwahati. She loves dogs, food and roaming around hill stations- in that exact order!

‘Slumbai’ – A bay of paradoxes

A byproduct of industrialization and rapid urbanization slums are looked upon by the society as an appendix. Instead they are the lifeline says Abhilasha Trivedi Touchdown Mumbai. Between vernacular and trans global architecture Mumbai is the bay of vast contrasts, of vast paradoxes, of slums and skyscrapers living together, those with and those without living […]

Gaurav Kumar

Gaurav Kumar is pursuing a master’s degree in literature from St. Stephen’s College, University of Delhi. As an activist, he has been working extensively on gender, sexuality and rights at intersections. He writes poetry and short fiction when it’s cold or rainy. Stories By Gaurav Kumar – Africa on My Skin

Africa on My Skin

Stories of India by People from Africa:  I Following the spate of (allegedly racist) attacks on African nationals in India, Gaurav Kumar chronicles the impressions of some African students during their stay in India.  “I have heard that they (Africans) eat all kinds of meat, and roam around naked after dark. You often hear that […]

A Bridge Too Short For Saving The Hoolock Gibbon

Bureaucratic delays and uninformed decision of a Gibbon bridge on railway tracks in Assam falls short of connecting the Gibbon families and meeting the desired purpose as Anuraag Baruah observes while visiting the Gibbon Sanctuary “It’s not working, not serving the purpose.” the lean, friendly looking forest guard, Mr. Bora shakes his head as I […]

Do-It-Yourself Irrigation in an Absent State

A traditional irrigation system developed some 100 years ago in Assam’s Baksa district reduces dependence on climatic conditions for agriculture. Amarjyoti Borah a SAMUHA Water Fellow reports from Baksa on how the community developed a system that is based on ‘Shram Dan’. Ask a farmer in Assam’s Baksa district  on the Indo-Bhutan border if erratic […]

Brahmaputra: From The Roof of The World to Meghna

Chintan Girish Modi talks to Shahidul Alam on his latest book  Brahmaputra Diary: A Journey To The Source of Asia’s Greatest River. Alam is a human rights campaigner and a disruptive political artist from Bangladesh who is on the hit list of the anti-secular, extremist forces in the country. The first time I met Shahidul […]