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A Collection of Essays on Declining Child Sex Ratio from Girls Count Newsletters   Addressing Gender Contradictions: Do Men Have A Role to Play? To create conditions of gender equality, it is not sufficient to provide women with adequate and appropriate opportunities. At the same time the “privileges” that men have come to assume as […]

Will longer maternity leave increase the already skewed gender gap in workforce?

The Maternity Benefit Amendment Bill (2016) is a mixed bag says Anubha Yadav. On one hand it brings much needed change for adoptive and commissioning mothers, while on the other it pushes women into a traditional role by viewing labor reforms for women in the limited paradigm of welfare politics.   A few years back […]

The Poetry and Music of Ganga Dhaba: Vignettes from the Life of a Tea Shack

The whistle of kettles, hiss of hot water on cold glasses, the sizzle of bread pakoras, and invigorating music and poetry. Whether Ganga Dhaba at JNU remains or not, the deep feeling will not be gone writes poet Nabina Das with recollections from her student days.   Prologue Once upon a time there was a […]

A gender to what women write- sensuality and the written word

Poet and curator of recently held Bengaluru Poetry Festival, Maitreyee B writes about how the tag of respectability for women writers is still in many ways clearly associated with what a woman writes rather than how she writes it.   It was the late nineties, another usual day in the university threatened to pass off […]

The Girl Child in the Tea Gardens of Assam

A baby girl born in the rural areas of Assam has lesser chances of survival in comparison to its male counterpart before reaching the age of five. Prabir Kumar Talukdar finds out why Assam has amongst the worst IMR and MMR. Suman Mirdha is a 19 year old tea garden worker in Muttak Guttibari area […]

“Sheikh Marriages” and Human Trafficking in Hyderabad

Writer and poet Nabina Das writes about how girls from old city Hyderabad are trafficked into “sheikh-marriages” transported as “brides” on a “khadima” or maidservant visa, to begin an unending and horrifying life of slavery abroad. Shah Jahan from Hassan Nagar in old city Hyderabad is barely 30 years old. She studied till fifth class […]

The Story of Yamuna

Chitvan Gill takes us through the little stretch along the Yamuna where the story of Indraprastha begins and despite the filth and stench, it offers a glimpse of its legendary past.     The great epics and sacred texts tell us about the beauty and power of the river Yamuna. This is the daughter of […]

Floods: The Burgeoning Myth

Floods remain as a kind of burgeoning myth in the country, a routine call, routine reporting, routine news and of course routine death says Dr. Ananya Guha while recounting the latest wave of flood in several states of India’s northeast. Once again there are the recurring floods in North East India. A news headlines said […]

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