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Tribal Vs Non-Tribal: The Reality of Fragmented Northeast

While much has been written, spoken and analyzed about alleged discrimination against the Northeastern people by the ‘mainland’ India, the tribal-nontribal binary existing within the socio-political milieu of the Northeast,writes Anuraag Baruah, has been always pushed under the carpet. ‘Total Separation from Manipur The Only Solution” Location: Tribal Rally at Lamka, Churchandpur (Manipur) Date: 31.08. […]

Kandala Singh

A qualitative researcher and writer, Kandala can usually be found in random corners of India, badgering gently coaxing people to share their stories with her. Her passion for social issues and stories has led her to work with various organizations, including International Center for Research on Women, Kutch Mahila Vikas Sangathan, National Foundation for India, Dhriiti and […]

Dr. Ananya Guha

Dr. Ananya Guha, Regional Director IGNOU. Stories By Dr. Ananya Guha – * Floods: The Burgeoning Myth * The ‘ Good Fight ‘ Lost * Thus Spake The Bard * Alienation, Dissent and Bharat Mata in India’s Northeast * A Young India * Unrest in Indian University Campuses

Nepal’s Constitution: The good, the bad and the difficult

Archana Tamang, International Consultant Human Rights and Equality Photos by Archana Tamang and Min Ratna Bajracharya 20 September 2015 marked the new birth of an old nation. Nepal got her first constitution written by her people. A tough, dramatic and often overwhelming road of politicking, slobbering, negotiating; bloodshed, bandhs, celebrations, boycotts, walkouts, walk-ins, groupies’ and […]

Archana Tamang

A staunch proponent of human rights and equality. believes compassion makes the world go round. loves cooking and feeding. loves life and those who are full of it. Also believes laughter is free so it should be spread around with total abandon. Stories By Archana Tamang- * Earthquake Survivors: Nepal Fights Back * Nepal’s Constitution: The good, the bad and […]

Sneha Lata Saikia

Food Researcher. Story By Sneha Lata Saikia- * Zero Oil Recipe of Tangsa Tribe

Adil Hussain

Adil was born in Assam, a North-eastern state of India and is currently based in New Delhi. Since his childhood, he acted in many plays and later appeared in television, film, radio plays and stand up comedy performances. He was awarded a scholarship to study acting at the National School of Drama, New Delhi and […]

Anuraag Baruah

“A post graduate in English Literature from University of Delhi. Besides trying to write he shoots stories and prefers the hills, black tea, good scotch and books to a 9 to 5 job. He has scribbled and shot for the National Geographic Traveller, Himal Southasian, Scroll, Hoot, Kafila and many more. Presently struggling with his […]

Unholy Alliance

Is BJP-AGP alliance in Assam a losing combination? Anuraag Baruah Alliance between a perceived communal party and one with corruption and human right abuse charges with the same voter base may not be the best winning combination in the forthcoming Assam election observes Anuraag Baruah.  Why the BJP-AGP alliance might be a bad idea   […]

Tongam Rina

Tongam Rina edits The Arunachal Times, Itanagar based daily. Though she writes on various issues confronting her state, she has been persistently reporting on questionable 130 hydro power dams that are planned in Arunachal Pradesh. Apart from travelling, she likes to walk, read, listen to music and spend time with Nungshi  and Fifi, her four legged babies.  Stories By Tongam Rina – * […]

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