Assam Again Under Water

While natural disasters like flood affect millions, relief and rehabilitation measures very often ignore the long-term impact on people and the society. Amarjyoti Borah visits Morigaon in Assam to find out how people have been paralysed by a vicious cycle of debt even as they battle the current wave of flood. For Babulal Bordoloi, his […]

Majuli: An Immersive Experience by Parasher Baruah

This immerse video displayed in ArtEast 2017 at India International Centre, New Delhi (organised by NFI’s Northeast Desk in collaboration with IIC) gives a preview of the challenges in preserving the world’s largest river island under relentless erosion. It is a narrative of survival and a representation of the predicament that people of Majuli are […]

The New Backpackers

As life in metros have assumed shape of a backpack with every young person carrying their lives in it, Jayant Dasgupta looks back at what backpacking symbolised, the journey rather than the destination. One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple                                                                                 Jack Kerouac, The Dharma Bums. I live […]

Why Do We Sleep and Dream?

“To sleep, perchance to dream-ay, there’s the rub.” Hamlet Senior civil servant and writer of popular science and socio-economic issues, Dr. Govind Bhattacharjee tells us why we sleep and dream. Why do we sleep? There are various theories – and none explains it fully. We know that deprivation of sleep causes various problems including irritability, […]