After a violent summer, there’s a smidgeon of cheerful news from Kashmir. A brand-new postgraduate programme is not only offering exciting careers to students but as writer-editor Catriona Childdiscovers, it is also revealing the idyllic prehistory of the Valley and its importance in the early development of agriculture. Archaeologists cleaning prehistoric artefacts from the Kashmir […]

Suruchi Mazumdar

Suruchi Mazumdar spent the last hundred years finishing a doctorate. In a previous life she worked as a print journalist. Her research interests are in the politics and economics of Indian media. She pins her hope on good old journalism.    

You Are Fired

Newspapers are cutting jobs in India to bypass mandatory wages, directed by the Supreme Court. Suruchi Mazumdar who teaches journalism in O P Jindal Global University takes a deep dive at why are journalists suddenly losing jobs in India’s growing print sector? In February this year, Biswajit Roy, a special correspondent with The Telegraph, eastern India’s leading English […]