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Chitvan Gill Delhi was once a thriving center for the hand loom industry. However, the introduction of power looms over the past decades and adverse policy interventions led to the gradual collapse of the industry. Today there are still hidden corners where small clusters of weavers continue to work, but in a state of extreme […]


I believe you O’ man with the gun you were scared of the pen-wielding woman and had to use your gun to silence her.   I believe you O’ man with the gun the man, with a stone in his hand, you shot could have killed you had you not acted on the spur.   […]

Aanchal Malhotra- The Remnants of a Separation

Aanchal Malhotra , a multidisciplinary artist and oral historian, working with memory and material culture , associated with initiatives like The Hiatus Project and Museums of Material Memory and now the author of Remnants of Separation, speaks to the students of the Jindal School of Journalism and Communication on why and how she wrote this book. Ashima […]

India in the Pits

Despite the ban on manual scavenging our sewers are still claiming human lives. In the last one month seven people have died in Delhi. Sagar Kaul revisits the people for whom it is a daily job. These pictures show what is probably the world’s filthiest job. Every day, thousands of manual scavengers in India unplug […]