Name of Film: Persepune

Running Time: 68 minutes

Presented By:  Fabula Films

Written, Produced

& Directed by:   Jayant Dasgupta


A Short Description of the Film

The film is about the Iranian community in the city of Pune in Maharashtra. Pune has a large student population and they come to this city for education from all over India and abroad. In fact Pune University has one of the largest number of foreign students among Indian universities. A very large number of them are from Iran.

The idea for this film germinated when Jayant visited Tehran and a few other Iranian cities. Almost every where he went he found that people knew about the city of Pune and it appeared that almost every family that he encountered had at least one member who visited Pune.

Back in India, he started to look at the ubiquitous Iranian student and his life with greater interest. It occurred to him that there was a special relationship between this city and Iran not only because of the students but Iranians of an earlier generation, a hundred years ago, had made this city their home. Many of them owned quaint restaurants known as ‘Irani hotels’ that had become popular haunts for people that unfortunately are now closing down, as they are no longer viable economic propositions. This generation of Iranians is Indian to the core, in habit and culture, and yet clings to their Persian roots.

The film takes a look at the lives of these two waves of migrations from Iran.

It tries to address issues pertaining to Nation, Identity and Culture. It takes a humorous look at how mainstream Hindi cinema has helped in shaping the Indian identity.

The film is in digital format and was shot entirely in Pune.

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