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    Catriona Child PVBLICOM GROUP Catriona Child tells the story of Ronald Shalo who rides on his red 1991 Bajaj Chetak scooter across the country with a mission to spread smiles. Covering 14 Indian states and one country, Ronaldo continues to be an inspiration. Twenty-five year-old Ronald Shalo, from Coimbatore, is a man […]

Aanchal Malhotra- The Remnants of a Separation

Aanchal Malhotra , a multidisciplinary artist and oral historian, working with memory and material culture , associated with initiatives like The Hiatus Project and Museums of Material Memory and now the author of Remnants of Separation, speaks to the students of the Jindal School of Journalism and Communication on why and how she wrote this book. Ashima […]

The New Backpackers

As life in metros have assumed shape of a backpack with every young person carrying their lives in it, Jayant Dasgupta looks back at what backpacking symbolised, the journey rather than the destination. One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple                                                                                 Jack Kerouac, The Dharma Bums. I live […]

Why Do We Sleep and Dream?

“To sleep, perchance to dream-ay, there’s the rub.” Hamlet Senior civil servant and writer of popular science and socio-economic issues, Dr. Govind Bhattacharjee tells us why we sleep and dream. Why do we sleep? There are various theories – and none explains it fully. We know that deprivation of sleep causes various problems including irritability, […]


A new book on Ambedkar challenges the savarna ‘hegemony’ sparking a very important debate on caste and intellectual oppression in which caste discourse is singularly directed and usurped by the dominant brahmanical media and writers. Writer Nabina Das reviews the book for Ourstories. Dr. BR Ambedkar had passionately exhorted: “Educate! Agitate!! Organize!!!” Right in the […]

Kanhialal and the freedom from words

Thrown out of National School of Drama, Kanhialal who passed away on October 6th developed an idiom that did away with language in theatre. Journalist and filmmaker Sunzu Bachaspatimayum tells us about the man and the artist.   “Real theatre cannot be found in the cities or festivals of theatre. Real theatre which is essentially about human […]

The Poetry and Music of Ganga Dhaba: Vignettes from the Life of a Tea Shack

The whistle of kettles, hiss of hot water on cold glasses, the sizzle of bread pakoras, and invigorating music and poetry. Whether Ganga Dhaba at JNU remains or not, the deep feeling will not be gone writes poet Nabina Das with recollections from her student days.   Prologue Once upon a time there was a […]

‘Slumbai’ – A bay of paradoxes

A byproduct of industrialization and rapid urbanization slums are looked upon by the society as an appendix. Instead they are the lifeline says Abhilasha Trivedi Touchdown Mumbai. Between vernacular and trans global architecture Mumbai is the bay of vast contrasts, of vast paradoxes, of slums and skyscrapers living together, those with and those without living […]

In Search of a designer baby

Does a woman have choice to have a disabled child asks Shampa Sengupta, a disability & gender rights activist and executive committee member, National Platform for the Rights of the Disabled (NPRD)? Eighteen years ago,on a cold & rainy February morning, I gave birth to a girl under the Caesarean section. I remember coming out […]

Where Sedition is not a Crime

Is AFSPA India’s only response to the so often ‘seditious’ northeastern states asks Anuraag Baruah, an independent journalist? Anuraag Baruah When the happenings in JNU find an echo in a voice from the Northeast. Many villages after villages and the people living in them in the Northeastern part of India are, I guess seditious. Of […]

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