2015: A woman’s Top 10 @ Our Stories


A year which started with citizens in the Netherlands suing their government over climate change to the year ending with ordinary citizens’ coordinating relief effort spontaneously during the Chennai floods. In a century when people are beginning to assert their power and potential, we are moving the journalistic goalpost to multiple narratives.
Starting post mid-2015, Our Stories has been an exploration to value the story, the telling styles, diverse storytellers and consciously reaching out to under-heard regions. Our aim was not lazy opinions or hot-headed reactions to current events, but shedding light. Not heat.
With lives and insights which often get drowned in an either/or conversation.
Here’s a year – ender celebration of such features, by our women columnists who brought in refreshing perspectives. From very particular vantage points. From the oldest pieces to the most recent, enjoy these reads, which do not get outdated at all.

Anshu Jamsenpa from Arunachal,

the only Indian woman to have scaled Mt.Everest thrice, the only mother to have done so twice in ten days, telling us in first person – how she did it.



Nandinee Kalita, Director North – East, CII

shared the story of Santina in Assam, who works as a domestic help to raise resources, to help her village bring a traditional loom alive.



Archana Tamang Lama, a Nepalese International Aid Consultant

introduced us to a multi-faceted Nepali she met during the Nepal quake relief effort. His insights, useful to organizing aid and response, anywhere, in the times of climate change. Also informing our site’s broader focus on India & her neighbours.



Tisha Srivastav, a journalist

who has worked for Miditech, NDTV & Yahoo, across TV & the web, brought the heart-warming encounter of an ATM guard with a dictionary in Bengaluru. Reminding us, that in times of migration, small stories can have a big heart.



Tongam Rina, Associate Editor

Arunachal Times sent in a shocking photo-essay on the flood situation in Arunachal, at a time when most mainstream media was silent on it.



Anjali Lal Gupta, an Assistant Professor University of Hyderabad

wrote a unique, well-observed Bhutannama, taking a tour as a single woman. In the time of selfies, solo trips are not as common as you think?



Ayushi Singhal, a 3rd year Law student from West

Bengal – clarified the legal conversations regarding Hindu women owning property or the beef ban. Timely legal perspective, without an extra serving of opinion. Aiming to illuminate what is now a nationally alive theme – orthodoxy & Constitutional spaces.


In an intimate piece, Vani Murarka, a software professional from Kolkata who has preferred to live in small town New York State and Karnataka, shared her journey, from confusion to clarity. In a spree of meaningless self-help pieces, this was a well thought out offering.



Abhilasha Trivedi, who moved to Mumbai

from a small town, wrote a loving ode to the possibilities of a mega-city. Particularly the small things, including the IOS which makes big Mumbai chug.



Maitreyee B. Chowdhury, author of two books

wrote a moving tribute to Delhi’s aam aadmi poet Vidrohi, who lived inside JNU since the late 80s and recently passed away.


As the century enters sweet sixteen, hope, inspiration and much work ahead.


A very happy 2016, ladies and gentlemen.

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