Black Rice Pudding


This Pudding has no added colour or any other agent for colouring . Black Rice or Chak Hao in Manipuri language, has deep balck colour and usually turn deep purple when cooked.  It is believed that Chak hao came with the people of Manipur particularly Meitis , when they first settled on this land . This rice is also known as “Forbidden rice” .  During the years when China was ruled by Emperor, black rice was cultivated in very small amounts because it was only for the emperor’s consumption and hence Forbidden rice .  It is rice in Vit B1. B2 and a good source of minerals like zinc and phosphorus .
Normally people in Northeast boil this rice with milk and add nuts to make kheer.  I have tried to innovate  Chak-Hao and my people love this preparation than the normal kheer. Here is my recipe .

1 cup of Black Rice
1 litre of Milk ( Full cream)
Vanilla Essence – few drops
Sugar – 7-8 tbsp ( you can add according to your taste )
Chopped nuts and raisins – half a cup
Pure ghee – 3 tbsp
*Soak the rice for one hour . Boil the milk and add the rice . Cook it on slow fire .
* You need to stir in intervals
* Add sugar and vanilla essence .
* Cook the rice till you get thick consistency.
* On a separate wok , heat the Pure ghee and fry the dry fruits till crisp
* When the Rice pudding is thick and start sticking to the back of the ladle , add the fried   nuts .
* Bring back from fire and serve Luke warm or cold .
* You can garnish the pudding with more fried nuts as shown in the photo or
if you are serving cold , garnish it with grated white chocolate .


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