Jayant Dasgupta


Jayant Dasgupta has taught English at the National Defence Academy and earlier at other places like Aligarh and the Andamans. He quit full time teaching in 2002. Since then he has been trying to reinvent himself, which is still a work in progress. In the mean time he has taught Cinema and Organizational Communication in the Gulf, and Film Theory, film appreciation programmes in Pune and elsewhere. He still does if asked politely. His book on the Japanese occupation of the Andaman Islands during WWII, was published by Manas Publications, Delhi, in 2002.

He has made documentary and short films and dabbled in the theatre. Currently he is working on two books, one on Adaptation in Cinema, and the other a work of fiction.

What he would really like to do is to make this blockbuster mainstream Hindi film and is working towards it.

Story By Jayant Dasgupta –


*The New Backpackers

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