Makhane Ki Kheer


Chhat is Bihar’s 4 day festival to worship Sun and Makhana is believed to be an auspicious ingredient in offerings during the festivals . This delicacy is actually a Prasad . This dish has been originated from Mithila region.


Makhana ( Puffed Lotus seeds) – 2 cups

Pure Ghee – 3 tbsp

Milk- 750 ml

1tbsp- Rice flour

Sugar- 6-7tbsp

Green Cardamom powder- a pinch

Pistachios – few ( chopped)


Heat Ghee and roast the Makhanas for few seconds . Keep aside .
Boil the milk with Cardamom Powder  and reduce it to half .
Add the Makhanas and sugar .
Stir and cook on slow fire .
Dilute the rice powder in little bit of milk and add it to the Kheer .
Add chopped Pistachios .
Remove the Kheer when you see when thickened .
Garnish the kheer with more chopped pistachios as shown in photograph .



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