Rickshaw Ride from Shillong to Kochi

Rickshaw Ride from Shillong to Kochi


August 30th, 2015


August 5th, 2015

Two hundred and twenty five international participants of the Rickshaw Run on an epic journey.

“It’s a bloody hell of a long way, and the potholed roads are fraught with danger. We’d like to thank the people of Shillong for giving our guys and girls a great reception as always, and the people of India as a whole for adding so much to this event. The heartwarming generosity and hospitality of everyone along the way is something that our teams carry with them forever.” Matt Dickens

Organised by The League of Adventurists since 2006, the Rickshaw Run is the largest three-wheeler event on the planet. The idea is to raise money for rainforest preservation charity- Cool Earth.

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The participants representing 23 countries went on riding, rolling and wiggling their way across the subcontinent in their tinny steeds covering thousands of kilometres to Kochi.

“This event certainly has a lighter side, but the important message is clear…We plan to introduce our participants to the real India – this is not a typical package holiday. When the teams are lost, stuck and all hope seems futile, Mother India and the heart-warming generosity of the Indian people shall envelope them in a fondness that many would not have encountered before. We also like to bring attention to the beauty of lesser travelled places such as Shillong and Kochi. Needless to say we’re thrilled to be raising an awfully large amount of money for worthy charities across the nation too. The Rickshaw Run has now raised well over £2,000,000 (around $3.1 million) – which is a huge boost to the good work that these charities and our official charity Cool Earth are doing. In fact, each Rickshaw Run raises enough money for Cool Earth to save 150,000 trees in some of the most endangered rainforest in the world.” Matt Dickens

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80 rickshaw teams travelling 4500km from Shillong to Kochi ( The 3 vehicles that didn’t quite manage to cross the finish line are now headed on the backs of trucks.)

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The Rickshaw Run has now been coming to Shillong for five years. Kochi is the birthplace of the Rickshaw Run and is therefore very dear to the event. With its charming and quaint streets it makes an ideal finish line, where the teams can relax – if they manage to complete the journey it that is.

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The tales from the road came in thick and fast: The fear induced by Indian bus drivers, black cows sleeping on unlit roads at night, blown pistons, rickshaws rolling over, breaking down, temple visits, teams getting drenched in the monsoon rains, potholes “the size of Kolkata'”, village visits, broken legs, broken arms, bad stomach, rough sleeping, no sleeping…you name it – we all experienced it!

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The overwhelming feeling from the teams though was the generosity and helpfulness of the Indian people. It really is something they will keep with them forever.

A great edition of the event, a great bunch of people, tens of thousands of pounds raised for charities across the world, and a lifetime of memories created. Rickshaw Run August 2015. Boom!

So far this edition of the event has raised nearly $30,000 for the official charity Cool Earth, with far more still to come once the teams make it safely in once piece to the finish line. The Rickshaw Run itself has raised more that $3,200,000 over the years.

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