Stop, look, go – A Metro Art Project in Bangalore

Stop, look, go – A Metro Art Project in Bangalore

Art in Transit, a public art initiative of Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology in Bangalore, started off in July 2014, activating public spaces through multi-disciplinary interventions by students. This included artworks at the recently opened Peenya Metro station at Bangalore. One of the students, Ishita Biswas takes us through her work at the Metro Station.

suggestions of life

During my initial visits I found the metro station as a huge structure, oddly standing next to a residential community in Peenya. At that point, a part of the structure was still under construction, and the act of construction is what caught my interest rather than the structure itself. Further, while scanning Peenya I entered the residential space because of my interest in drawing human figures. I also wanted to communicate their story to the many traveling through the station.

After understanding Peenya from different perspectives, I decided to build a narrative from my own observations. Here are some interpretive drawings made of a traveler’s experience.

2 (1)
ishitabiswas_0001 (1)

The metro mural of course attempted to bind the different aspects of Peenya into one composition.

A narrative bound by the existence of the system of the metro, allowing for a travelling of experiences. I feel that these experiences in and around the metro station come together in the exact space/location I decided to work in, because it is both the entrance and the exit of the station, depending on the direction of one’s commute. This image tries to acknowledge the existence of the relationship of different systems in urban development, and comment on the existence of one structure without isolating it from the rest.

connections_finished image

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