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Floods: The Burgeoning Myth

Floods remain as a kind of burgeoning myth in the country, a routine call, routine reporting, routine news and of course routine death says Dr. Ananya Guha while recounting the latest wave of flood in several states of India’s northeast. Once again there are the recurring floods in North East India. A news headlines said […]

Alienation, Dissent and Bharat Mata in India’s Northeast

Marking out a region nebulously called “the Northeast”, governments have actually contributed however unwittingly to feelings of separatism, alienation and rejection argues Dr. Ananya Guha.  Dr. Ananya Guha The fifteen-year fast by Irom Sharmila in Manipur is largely going unnoticed, excepting some sporadic media attention. But, that may not be the point; the point rivets […]

Mid-Day Reckoning

Busting the 10,000 crore Mid-Day Meal Scheme is Govind Bhattacharjee a civil servant and an author. His most recent book is Special Category States of India (OUP 2016). Govind Bhattacharjee Instituting systems that are designed to fail or falter and then adapting to such dysfunctional systems have been the specialty of the Indian state for long.This […]

Manipuri Gorkha: Why Are We Outsiders?

A Manipurilays claim to both his Manipuri and Gorkha identity, showing us how simple and complicated that can be. As one of Manipur’s ongoing flashpoints, lessons from history beg the question – are Gorkhas valorised in wars and dismissed in peace? Dinesh Sharma, Founder Member, GYASA I am a fourth generation Gorkha settled in Manipur, […]